The counselling process can support you to develop insights, generate solutions and consider choices. We work in a non-judgmental way.

Counselling for Marriages & Individuals in Melbourne


Individual relationship counselling sessions with our therapist are scheduled for an hour and half to allow time for integration of expressive - experiential work. All of our counselling services in Melbourne are open welcome all including people from the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities.

The cost of your session is based on a sliding scale and takes into consideration your income and ability to pay. Fee payment assistance for both individual and marriage counselling is available for asylum seekers, refugees, humanitarian entrants and new arrivals to Melbourne by request and application.

Values to support you in your relationship counselling sessions:

Our approach works because it concentrates on five key elements that contribute not only singly but together create powerful explorations, self-awareness and fulfilment of one’s full potential.

  • I focus on the healing and self-realisation within each individual.
  • I value the rigorous training, clinical experience, supervision and authenticity of working over the last seventeen years with a variety of issues, problems and challenges that clients bring to therapy.
  • I provide a trusting, safe and secure environment so that you are able to explore areas which may be difficult, embarrassing, painful and/or shaming.
  • I seek to create a collaborative, supportive and challenging relationship to help you grow, understand yourself better and make changes
  • I practice a holistic, balanced approach that integrates body, mind emotion and soulful meaning making.

I offer a variety of ways of working with you tailored to suit your situation. These include:

  • Experiential processes that focus on a person's inner experience and how they process their emotions in their body. A couple of the more well-known processes are two-chair dialogue and the focusing work of Eugene Gendlin.
  • Creative arts processing like sand play, clay work, mask building, working with pastels to explore creative ways of thinking outside the box.
  • Cognitive focused processes that look at belief systems, personal and family myths and distorted thinking that are no longer relevant or helpful.
  • Emotion focused processes that help a person to make sense of their core emotions and the many layers of emotion that affect one’s thinking and behaviour.
  • Music that clients have experienced as pivotal and which were significant, key or critical turning points that lead to a momentary sudden change in "quality, depth or direction....(as) if a metaphorical new door to a new unexpected room is opened" (Bohm, 1992, p. 675).

Counselling that supports all people and marriages in Melbourne

Both myself and The Living Tree are committed to embracing and celebrating diversity. We believe that love is the great equaliser, and welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people seeking marriage and relationship counselling.

The Living Tree offer therapies including Jungian Sandplay Psychotherapy as well as specialised services to help treat complex trauma as well as depression & anxiety.

Group Work   

The Living Tree organises discussion, dreamwork, meditation and experiential circles focused on personal growth and the promotion of states of relaxation, wellbeing and healing.

Booking a relationship counselling session with our therapist

For any questions relating to our counselling service or any of our other listings including marriage counselling, feel free to give us a call and we’ll happily assist. Our friendly team are located in Melbourne, but we can provide counselling for individuals and marriages across Melbourne’s southeast.

We can be contacted with referrals by other practitioners by calling us between 9am and 9:30 am Mon to Fri, or by sending an email with a completed referral form directly to