Grounded - Resilient - Transformative

About The Living Tree

How we are reminded of the living tree: forever changeable and forever adaptable. Its life experiences the four seasons just as we do. From a seedling growing upwards and reaching to the stars and sky. From such a seed of potential the processes of life draw from the sacred earth the water and minerals in order to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and fire and warmth from the sun.

The tree seeks nourishment from the organic decaying material its roots reach out and find. Just as the seasons change, so too does the tree adapt, loosing its leaves and hibernating as it awaits the spring of rebirth.

The First Peoples Nations of northwest Canada placed the bodies of their honoured deceased cradled in the boughs of totem poles awaiting rebirth and regeneration. The tree connects heaven and earth transcending space and time.

Every sort of creature nestles in the tree's sheltering motherly branches: an eagle at the top above, a snake within the roots below in an everlasting tension and balancing of opposites.

In the heart of the tree is a an everlasting image of its true evergreen self-knowledge: a place of awakening to new life that overcomes suffering and is expressive of spiritual enlightenment and the integration of many different forces of life.

Let the symbol of the tree support the psychological work and healing in our lives.

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