Supervision is a place of trust where a healthy relationship gives me a safe place to acknowledge and work with my professional concerns, fears and worries, joys and accomplishments ― Supervisee, personal communication, 2006

Clinical Supervision


Roman has been a clinical supervisor since 2006 and is PACFA accredited and listed on the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists as a clinical supervisor. He is a member of the Leadership Group of the Australian College of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators. In his role as an educator he continues supporting undergraduate and post-graduate students on placement in a wide variety of community organisations. He is proud to have assisted over three hundred students in their placement at organisations that included overseas NGO’s and community organisations working with indigenous communities, women, men and children suffering trauma, HIV, drug and alcoholism and mental health issues. His work at Relationships Australia has seen the writing of a self-care booklet for men going through separation and divorce.

Roman’s own clinical knowledge and accreditation covers a wide range of counselling theories and approaches and has incorporated humanistic and expressive therapeutic approaches including Jungian sandplay, art and creative interventions, imagery and music, couple counselling, emotion focussed therapy, and client-centred post-modern evidence based practices.

His interest is in complex and dual diagnosis clients and introduces mind mapping in order to integrate case conseptualisation and formulation to devise a specific therapeutic plan that increases the supervisee's confidence in working with clients’ complex needs. The mind map incorporates the client's behavioural, thought processes and emotions to best identify CBT, DBT and behavioural therapy interventions in a client focused paradigm.

Clinical supervision is about you, the clinician, your work and learning needs. It is always clinician-focussed and led, according to your individual goals. The essence of clinical supervision is that clinicians choose their supervisor, negotiate a working agreement and focus on their professional goals within the safety of a relationship between equals.

Clinical supervision highlights the clinician’s individuality by focussing on their developmental priorities from first placement to retirement incorporating and synthesising greater levels of complexity. The benefits to any organisation are that clinicians are more likely to feel professionally supported, personally understood and emotionally contained in a safe relationship where they can talk freely about their clinical work concerns.

In this way, clinical supervision goes beyond normative functions of accountability and gatekeeping, as it includes individualised development and personalised support at its heart. Although there are a variety of clinical supervision models, generic clinical supervision uses the supervisory or learning alliance to fulfil the tasks of maintaining professional standards, focusing on educational needs and providing support.

Research has demonstrated that a strong supervisory alliance in clinical supervision can enhance the therapeutic alliance that clinicians develop with clients in their clinical work. Like therapeutic work, clinical supervision includes respecting confidentiality, yet there are parameters in that professional standards and ethical codes of practice are always maintained.

Our Supervisees are saying:

"I found Roman's ability to understand my strengths as well as my weaknesses helped us identify the areas and blind spots to work on. His breadth of knowledge, information and experience encouraged me to find new directions and approaches that built my confidence and directly helped my clients." New graduate, March 2018.

"I really look forward to our fortnightly group supervision. Everyone's input and ideas really help me with my client work which can at times seem overwhelming. Roman's own case presentations and vignettes allows me to feel like I am building on what I already know and apply, and adds further to my skills. I am looking forward to starting again in 2018 with the others." Supervisee, Drug and Alcohol organisation, 2017.

"The teaching of the various methods we covered in supervision was brilliant and exciting. Roman brought the theory I learnt in my Masters program at Monash alive! He has been a great supervisor these last three years and I am sorry to be moving interstate and saying goodbye to the group." Supervisee, Group supervision, 2012-2014

For more information about clinical supervision whether individual or in small groups, or to discuss your developmental needs please contact Roman on Monday or Friday mornings between 9:30 to 10:30 am on 0439988855 or email, We look forward to meeting you.

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