Guided Imagery and Music is a form of therapy in which music and imagery experiences activate inner reflection, memories and feelings, to promote mental and spiritual well-being and wholeness.

Guided Imagery and Music Therapy

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery & Music

Developed by Helen Bonny in the seventies, the method is a music centred, transformational therapy, which uses specifically programmed classical music to stimulate and support a dynamic unfolding of inner experiences in service of physical, psychological and spiritual wholeness.

Participants in a relaxed state, listen to a program of music, carefully chosen by Roman, which evokes and supports the emerging flow of images and offering the potential for creative problem solving, self-discovery, and personal growth. During the music you are guided by Roman who also takes notes of your experience for further reflection between sessions. Being client-centred you determine the pace and direction of therapy.

You may wish to take your experience further through journaling, art work or other expressive techniques like sandplay, mandala drawing or movement. These require no technical ability, art appreciation or knowledge. Often the art work may include the use of colours that the music evoked within a circle or mandala.

Mandalas are universal images formed within a circle, and which can be found all over the world. They exist in the West, notably in the rose windows of cathedrals, from the east, the Tibetan monks, and other forms of sacred art such as Native American sandpaintings. Mandalas offer a regenerative healing power that has a calming and relaxing affect on the mind in order to strengthening and focus on a perspective in which issues can be understood as a whole overcoming fragmentary illusion.

You will gain the most out of these sessions if:

  • You are interested in self-exploration and growth
  • If you are asking questions about future directions or issues in your life and want to explore a response through art
  • If you are seeking to develop the spiritual element in your life
  • If you are wishing to experience an introduction to music relaxation with supportive imagery for pain management or other physiological needs

Participants need have NO previous knowledge of music, art, or relaxation techniques.

We recommend guided imagery and music for people who:

  • Are well motivated
  • Are enthusiastic about working in a creative modality
  • Have adequate emotional stability and ego strength to undergo, or stay with, the feelings that arise
  • Are open to change and growth
  • Are not currently experiencing emotional outburst, high levels of life stress
  • Can distinguish reality and fantasy, and have the ability to move between the imaginary and ordinary worlds readily

Music, Imagery and Mandala art

5 experiential sessions incorporating four sacred elements over five weeks: Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Metal

When it comes to five elements, many ancient philosophies use a set of archetypal classical elements to explain patterns in nature. The Greekversion of these ideas, which dates from pre-Socratic times, persisted throughout the Middle Ages and into theRenaissance, deeply influencing European thought and culture; but the concept is far older in the Far East, and was widely disseminated in India and China, where it forms the basis of both Buddhism and Hinduism, particularly in an esoteric context.

In Taoism there is a similar system of elements. The five major planets are associated with and named after the elements: Venus is Metal, Jupiter is Wood, Mercury is Water, Mars is Fire, and Saturn is Earth. Additionally, theMoon represents Yin, and the Sun represents Yang. Yin, Yang, and the five elements are recurring themes in theI Ching, the oldest of Chinese classical texts which describes an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy.

Understanding what each element represents helps us evaluate where our individual strengths and weaknesses are. Healers have found that focusing on the elements can often be helpful when seeking what course of treatments would best address our problems.

Music, Imagery & the Hero/oine’s Journey

5 experiential sessions incorporating Joseph Campbell’s heroic stages of the spiritual Journey

The program offers an opportunity for therapists to battle their own personal limitations. The hero/oine’s journey is a psychological one; symbolical of that divine creative & redemptive image which is hidden within us all, only waiting to be known and rendered into life. As therapists we need an experience of the journey so that we not only understand the meaning of its images for contemporary life, but also the singleness of the human spirit in its aspiration, powers, vicissitudes and wisdom. This cannot be found in a theoretical or descriptive writing; but in our own experience of the inner life and through the archetypal images often found in our client’s and our own art therapy and expressive creativity.

By having ourself experienced its challenges, we can then hold on to the hope needed by our clients, as they navigate the soul’s difficult and dangerous task of self-discovery and self-development in order to cross to the furthest shore, and to be transfigured and reborn anew.

The five stages of the Heroine’s Journey :

Using the focus of the stages of the Hero/oine’s Journey participants can expand their own awareness and understanding of this spiritual journey, and access deeper unconscious resources that support their own healing and psychological development. Each of the five weeks will have as a focus one or more of the stages identified by Joseph Campbell (Campbell 1968):

  • Week 1: Hearing the Call
  • Week 2: Setting Out
  • Week 3: Obstacles and helpers
  • Week 4: Reaching the Goal
  • Week 5: Bringing back the gifts

"A hero/oine ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero/oine comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his/her fellow human beings". Joseph Campbell

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