...it is almost always the case that whatever has wounded you will also be instrumental in your healing. ― Robert A. Johnson, She: Understanding Feminine Psychology

Group Dreamwork


Limited to ten participants we explore a range of modern humanistic dream approaches as outlined by Robert A. Johnson, Montague Ulmann, Marion Woodman, Joseph Campbell, James Hillman and Clara Hill.

Keeping things simple and using ​the ​process of exploration, insight and action we clarify the significance of a dream for the dreamer in the context of the group. The dreamer benefits by sharing his/her dream and coming to understand its meaning. The very act of sharing a dream within a sympathetic group has immense psychological value, for then the Unconscious of the dreamer knows that it is being listened to and appreciated.

When a dream is listened to without judgement or criticism, but with an open heart, a sympathetic soul, then the images of the dream are given substance. In this way the psyche and its symbolic forms are able to be more easily integrated into the conscious life of the dreamer.
The listeners also benefit:

  • They share in the luminous quality of the dream
  • Appreciate their own symbolic reality
  • Find that ​their own inner reality is evoked
  • I seek to create a collaborative, supportive and challenging relationship to help you grow, understand yourself better and make changes
  • I practice a holistic, balanced approach that integrates body, mind emotion and soulful meaning making.

And where our own inner search is stimulated​,​ we may find that several dreams are in response to ​one ​another’s dream told to the group. As if there is an inner dialogue occurring between individual psyches ​through the interplay of thematic images.

The models used are adapted ​to enrich the understanding of dreams involving spirituality, bereavement, nightmares, and a host of topics relevant to the dreamer and group. Roman will share tools to explore, understand, and use dreams to foster change. By using a cognitive experiential approach which can be easily learned, which is theoretically sound and empirically tested, practitioners of various backgrounds and theoretical orientations learn how to integrate dreamwork into their professional practice.

Roman has convened three Jungian conferences with Robert A. Johnson in Australia, and worked in dream groups since 1992. While on board a classic sailing schooner Roman together with a small group sailed the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand in 2002 and 2004 with Barry Williams, Jungian Analyst from New Mexico. He has also assisted in dream programs to Uluru and the Pitjantjatjarai central desert region with Anangu First Nations people. In 1996 he worked in Mexico City facilitating a dream incubation workshop sleeping overnight in a Catholic chapel. Developing a module on Therapeutic Dreamwork in Melbourne in 2013 he continues offering group dreamwork which is the highlight of his work as a psychotherapist.

Dreamwork Group

10 sessions Monday evening 6:30pm to 8:30pm, NEXT Session : 14 May to 16 July , meet us at the Kinross Arts and Spirituality Center Toorak, Cost $325.00

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