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Major life events, destructive patterns of behaviour, overwhelming or difficult emotions and unhelpful beliefs and doubts can cause chaos in our relationships, our jobs, and our lives. Destructive or harmful behaviour can seem unfixable and unchangeable.

But change is always possible.

Counselling and psychotherapy can provide you with the tools you need to best understand yourself, your behaviour, and your relationships. Here, you can learn how to identify, understand and let go of unhelpful and harmful beliefs and behaviours, build resilience, and gain skills that will allow you to adapt and overcome future challenges.

Your journey to self-understanding and healing starts here.

Psychotherapy can help you reach your best possible self

If you’re struggling to break painful patterns in your relationships or are finding it impossible to move through emotional difficulties, our internationally trained psychotherapist and councillor can help.

Operating out of The Living Tree in Melbourne, Roman Ilgauskas provides counselling for individuals as well as relationships and marriages and is accredited in several forms of psychotherapy including art and expressive therapy, guided imagery and music therapy, and Jungian sandplay therapy.

Since 1989, Roman has travelled the world to gain insight into the many ways that communities and cultures reach self-understanding and healing.

Our counselling and psychotherapy services

At the Living Tree in Melbourne, we understand that what is best for some may not be for others, and so we offer a range of counselling and psychotherapy services including:

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If you are unsure which counselling or psychotherapy service will be best for you, or if you wish to make a referral please get in contact with us at The Living Tree in Melbourne on (+61) 0439-988-855 between 9am and 9:30am Mondays and Fridays, email at or use our online contact page.